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(April 2000) [Printed in "Reality Module No.15."]

My Aussiecon 3!

*This is very brief. I may expand on it if I have the time and inclination later!

Not sure what to say about "Aussiecon 3."

Went to a variety of panels on science & SF (including Immortality, Terraforming, Time Travel, Hard SF, Future Shapes of Mind1), writing (including Tips For Beginners, Research for SF Writers, SF Poetry, Semi-Professional Publishing, Electronic Publishing), fantasy (including Feudal Fantasy, Carbon Copy Fantasies) , filk music, miscellaneous (including the Opening Ceremony, Masquerade, various humorous/anecdotal panels), and media SF (including SF Across the Media, Humour in SF, Space Opera), Went to serious or frivolous panels depending on my mindstate & how fatigued I was.

1 Richard Harland's talk on Monday. The panel which provided the most intellectual stimulation for me.

Bought only one book - the paperback edition of "The Encyclopedia of Fantasy." Though I got some fanzines and a copy of Damien Broderick's "Transmitters" (which mentions ANZAPA at least once).

Ate at venues near the convention each night - Thursday with Edward McArdle, Friday with Emilly & Tristan McLeay, and Marie Mantzioros, Saturday - breakfast with Karen Johnson & dinner with John Davies (J.D). & Edward, Sunday with Marie & an Austrian-born fan.

Went to the filking everynight & had a terrific time. Songs sending up Star Wars, Star Trek, computers & cyberspace, old Cthulhu, and vicious parodies of folk songs. (Words I wish I'd been able to capture - such fun they were. Highlights included a Cthulhu song to the tune of "Fernando, Weird Al's "Star Wars" song, "I Lost My Baby on the Information Highway", "When I Was A Boy", "Banned from Argo", "Why Must I Be a Klingon In Love?", "Never Set the Cat on Fire" and "Roadkill Café" - Karen Johnson can tell you more.)

I was at the ANZAPA party briefly, but could not stay, I had a train to catch which I missed! (Ended up filking till 3 AM with a group of fans in a New York fan's hotel room.)

Helped stuff convention bags & helped out in the Green Room. (Another side to the con.)

Visited the artshow. Loved Ian Gunn's stuff - but I find I am growing bored with all the clichéd media SF art.

I saw none of the anime - even though I am a great fan of much of it! Saw no films at all this time. (I imagined that since they are on videotape - I'll be able to see them at many times in the future, whereas real-life moments are fleeting.)

Went to the Huckster's Room on several occasions - disappointed that there were no filk tapes being sold anywhere, & finding virtually nothing that I felt I had to have right then.

I took time away from panels that didn't inspire me to socialise with friends - and had a good time all-in-all.

(Like always there were things I had to miss, clashes, or panels that didn't suit my frame-of-mind at the time they were on. I could only gather some of the experiences that Aussiecon 3 offered.)

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