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Copyright Statement

This website and its contents are the copyrighted intellectual property of Michael F. Green - the author and web designer.

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What You Are Allowed To Do

1). You may link directly to any page on this website. (I have no objection to deep-linking.)
2). You may refer to any work on this website in any work on your website.
3). You may quote a reasonable portion of the contents (usually agreed as being <10%) of any part of this website in any work of scholarship or criticism.
4). You may print copies of any works from this website for your own use.
5). You may store copies of these webpages on your own harddrive - as long as you do not modify, republish or distribute them elsewhere.
6). You may undertake other activities which are allowed under international copyright law.

What You Are Not Allowed To Do

1). You may not copy the entire contents of any work here and republish it on your own website. (The one exception to this rule is organisations like the Internet Archive - which are allowed to copy this website to ensure it is available for future generations.)
2). You may not pass off any portion of this website as your own intellectual work. (Do not plagiarise!)
3). You may not rewrite or edit these works in whole or in part - and republish them elsewhere.
4). You may not republish all or any portion of this website or its contents in any form - printed or electronic - without the permission (and the payment of an appropriate fee) of the copyright owner.
5). You may not make copies of these essays to sell for profit - without the approval of the copyright owner (and the payment of an appropriate fee).
6). Apart from the rights I have expressly allowed you, you may not perform any other activities which are expressly forbidden by international copyright law.

Copyright © 2003 by Michael F. Green. All rights reserved.

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Last Updated: 14 March 2003