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Comments and Feedback

My email address is: <mfg@darkenchanter.net>

Please feel free to send me:

1). Any comments on my works or the things I discuss. (If you say something worthwhile I will add it to the appropriate 'Feedback and Discussion' page along with my response if I have one - but I will not publish your email address without your permission.)

2). Information on any webpages or other items (books, magazine articles, etc.) relevant to things discussed in these pages. [If appropriate I will add these references to the end of the relevant webpage as well.]

3). Reports of deadlinks or other problems will be gratefully acknowledged.

4). Whatever else you wish to say!

NB. Any spam will be deleted - any flames will be ignored (unless the author is such a fruitcake they deserve to be immortalised by having their message added to a FLAMES page!)

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Last Updated: 27 January 2009