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(1976) [Reprinted in "Reality Module No.13" in December 1999.]

In 1976 I turned 13. I had a perfectly normal and healthy fascination with monsters. But one Addams family wasn't enough for me. Oh no! I had a whole community of monsters - and prepared a handwritten news magazine for them called "Ghastly."

It was written in blood red ink and every single page was page 13. It had tasty treats like the recipe for Eye Soup, gossip about local celebrities like Mrs. Maggots, and a column called 'News From Down Below.' (Hell of course!)

There was a special section for ghouls and boys which featured this charming little Bedtime Story:

Dracula's Revenge

Episode One. Reincarnation

The mist rolled over the graveyard and the newly opened grave with the stake was obscured. The stake had been driven through the vampire's heart by James Smith - the infamous vampire killer.

A groan was heard in the dark. Dracula was stirring.

He was pinned down by the stake but this was but a little problem, he Dracula must take revenge.

He eventually loosened the stake from the ground and with agony sat up.

It was midnight when Dracula stood up and stumbled along. He cried agonizing screams at each forced step.

It was a full-moonlit night as Dracula was seen as a silhouette.

He wondered on blindly with only a faint hope to guide him.


Episode Two. The Kill

James Smith heard the sound of smashing glass as he sat up petrified in bed.

He then heard his wardrobe starting to lean and with a great thud it tumbled down. The vampire climbed on top of his victim. (The stake was sinking into James' heart.)

After the kill Dracula finished him off sucking out pints of blood. Dracula's revenge was complete.

The End

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Copyright © 1976 by Michael F. Green. All rights reserved.


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