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(June 1998) [Printed in "Reality Module No.4."]

Torchlight in a Dark Space

I. "Enchanted Diary" - 26 December 1987. p.1321.
II. "Enchanted Diary" - 9 November 1989. p.2027.
"III. Dream - 16 December 1986. ("ED." p.802.)
IV. Experiment in Active Imagination - Excerpt. 17 March 1986. ("ED." p.265.)
V. From a Private Email Message - 24 February 1995.

I. "Enchanted Diary" - 26 December 1987. p.1321.

In the car on the way back I explained how I was unhappy earlier this year because I was in a job I hated and I did not know how to escape or where to run to. I mentioned that I'd had a dream in which I'd learnt that I was not trapped in the present but could "create doors and walk through them."

This had a dramatic effect on Bradley. He exclaimed in surprise:

"You're a magician or some kind of mystic!"

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II. "Enchanted Diary" - 9 November 1989. p.2027.

I was thinking about dreams this morning. (This is because of the latest phase of psychic reconstruction work). I realised that I have three different types of dreams.

1.HOUSEKEEPING - These are the most common type of dream and the least memorable. These serve to keep the contents of the mind in order and to fit new contents into an appropriate space. They help to minimise emotional disorder by, eventually, putting things into perspective.

2.DIAGNOSTIC/ILLUSTRATIVE - These are rarer dreams...They are heavily coded messages from the deep subconscious. They show things as they are, and are often richly coloured and structurally complex....

3.PROPHETIC - These are rarer still. These are basically time- displacement dreams in which I may relive a past event (e.g. my emotions at the age of eight) or may experience something that happens to me in the future (e.g. déjà-vu).

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III. Dream - 16 December 1986. ("ED." p.802.)

"Show me myself," I asked the sky.

I was in the midst of a green field, but suddenly became encased in metal - like a diving-bell with a small round window in front of me.

The bell began to spin faster and faster. I felt like I was being torn apart. The light outside grew dimmer and dimmer and gradually reflections became visible in the glass.

I saw a small number of people seated in a railway compartment. They are strangely distorted and are dressed in 1920ish clothes.

I am unsure how many people there are in the carriage. There may be two or three on my left, as I look into the carriage compartment (they may not be evolved to completion), and I think two on my right. The one seated next to the window on the right is the only one with blonde curly hair. It must be Miranda.

The light is still growing dimmer.

Suddenly I become aware of someone outside the window looking in. Isolated. Trapped behind glass. No-one inside is aware of him, except perhaps Miranda. The figure is a small child.

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IV. Experiment in Active Imagination - Excerpt. 17 March 1986. ("ED." p.265.)

[Wendy] takes out a golden handled mirror from beneath the pillow and hands it to me.

"Look deeply. Do you see who you are?" she says.

"I see your reflection" I reply.

"This is the enchanted mirror. Look deeper!"

I look deep into the glass. Wendy's image disappears. I see darkness and a grinning of skulls.

"I see darkness!"

"Look deeper."

Who am I? Who am I? Who am I? The mirror grows bright and silver.

"I cannot bear to look. My eyes grow tearful!"

"You must look. If you want the answer!"

Who am I? My breathing grows rapid with the pain. I will die! I will die!

"No you won't," says Wendy.

No I will not. There is a child in the mirror.

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V. From a Private Email Message - 24 February 1995.

Jungian psychology is very simplistic. In reality our mindspace contains many 'selves' - the ego, agents such as shadow and anima (you can think of them as being analogous to "software agents"), semi-animated personas (you can think of them as "robots" - inactive most of the time, but which we can operate when we need to), partially deconstructed former-selves (including the child you once were), constructs (psychological inventions, characters), and outsiders (which includes, dare-I-use-the-term, our resident "demons".)

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