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(October 2002)

Feedback on 'TimeTrax'

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David Charles Cummer (October 1998)
Marc Ortlieb (October 1998)

DAVID CHARLES CUMMER writes (October 1998):

So, what did you think of the character Selma in TimeTrax. Me, I thought she was pretty cool, although she was just another C-3PO clone in a long black dress. (Sing along with me kids, "Robot in a black dress, black dress, black dress. Robot in a black dress, ooooo..." Sorry.)

I reply (December 1998):

G'day. I liked Selma in TimeTrax - she was delightfully old-fashioned looking for a computer-generated hologram. (I enjoy SF movies that shatter our expectations of the futuristic. One of the best ways to do this is to blend in some of the ambience and style of a previous generation - which is part of why Johnny Mnemonic and Gattaca have that half-familiar strangeness which I believe would be a characteristic of the real future!)

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MARC ORTLIEB writes (October 1998):

I think the major problem with your envisaged version of TimeTrax is that Sliders has already done it. In written sf, Asimov's The End of Eternity, Laumer's Worlds of the Imperium and Bradbury's "A Sound of Thunder" have also covered the ground quite well. (I gather, from a strand on aus.sf that Stephen Baxter's sequel to The Time Machine does a reasonable job in the same area.)

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