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All The Dead Data  (Feedback on Essay)
Am I Qualified to Write About Sociology?  (Feedback on Essay)
The Cult of the New  (Feedback on Essay)
Democratic Humanism (1) - What Are Genuine Human Needs?  (Feedback on Essay)
Democratic Humanism (2)  (Feedback on Essay)
Democratic Humanism (3) - Know Your Dragon  (Feedback on Essay)
Democratic Humanism (4) - Maslow Meets the Economic Rationalists  (Feedback on Essay)
Dream Magic
Egregors, Memes, and Transformation - An Exercise in Speculation
Future Imperfect - Part 1 - Gathering the Threads  (Feedback on Essay)
Future Imperfect - Part 2 - Weaving the Tapestry  (Feedback on Essay)
Invaginated Shadow Mind  (Feedback on Essay)
Is There Meaning in Dreams?  (Feedback on Essay)
Is There Meaning in Dreams? - An Interlude
Is There Meaning in Dreams? (2) - Shards in the Web, or Dig and Delve (Feedback on Essay)
Mundane and Metaphor  (Feedback on Essay)
The Philosophy of History
Prophets of the Silicon God  (Feedback on Essay)

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Colin Watson (1927-1999)
Evolutions  (Feedback on Article)
Farscape Considered
Freeform Futurology (1) - What Can & Cannot Be Done - The Limits of Futurology  (Feedback on Article)
Freeform Futurology (2) - The $20 Computer  (Feedback on Article)
Freeform Futurology (3) - Smashing Windows(TM) - The Ascent of Non-linear Thinking  (Feedback on Article)
Freeform Futurology (6) - Artificial Minds? (AI Revisited)
Freeform Futurology (7) - Video-On-Demand
Freeform Futurology (8) - Changes
Freeform Futurology (9) - The Implications of Immortality
The Future of Publishing
Generations - A Thought Experiment  (Feedback on Article)
"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" by J.K. Rowling (Feedback on Book Review)
Ian Gunn
"If Not Dieting, Then What?" by Dr Rick Kausman
Interfaces - Future Interactions  (Feedback on Article)
KEYS: M. Scott Peck - "The Road Less Travelled" (1978)
A Little Family History
My Aussiecon 3!  (Feedback on Article)
Old TV Shows - And New  (Feedback on Article)
Preparing Reality Module
SF on TV  (Feedback on Article)
Snippets 1997
Snippets 1998
Snippets 1999
Snippets 2000
TimeTrax  (Feedback on Article)
Torchlight in a Dark Space
Two Journeys
The Type of Fantasy I Like Best
Unpredictables  (Feedback on Fanzine)
Why I Am Not in Mensa
Writing in a Time of Shadows

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Creative Works

Aerial City [Story]
Chooks [Story]
Darkness [Story]
Door [Story]
Dracula's Revenge [Story]
Escape From A World Too Brightly Spun [Story]
Figurine [Story]
Illusions [Story]
Journey: Inside to Outside [Poem]  (Commentary on Poem)
Modern Poetry - a Satire [Poem]
Shadow Worlds [Story]

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