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(October 2002)

Feedback on 'SF on TV'

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Jeanne Mealy (August 1998)
Bruce Gillespie (October 1998)

JEANNE MEALY writes (August 1998):

"Why are there so few *alien* aliens on TV?", and "Why is TV SF so bloody simplistic?" Because they're catering to the lowest common denominator viewers. I'd expect more from the (bleah) Sci Fi Channel, but it appears that the money- grubbers are running that, too, in going for the tried and true. There have been some notable exceptions. I'd like to see your mini-series idea put into practice.

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BRUCE GILLESPIE writes (October 1998):

Don't ask me all those questions about SF on TV. I don't watch it, for exactly the reasons you point out. The trouble is the TV SF is written by Hollywood script writers, who can't be expected to know anything about anything. Even with access to today's technology, film-makers (for instance) rarely show that they have any ideas. And without brilliant ideas, all the film-making skill in the world is worth nothing.

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