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This quotations are gleaned (for the most part) from the pages of "Reality Module."

"Reality Module No.7" - December 1998.

Favourite Quotation From "The Last Continent" by Terry Pratchett.

"...after a really good meal and a fine cigar even the most rabid Dark Lord is inclined to put his feet up and feel amicable towards the world, especially if it's offering him another brandy."

"Reality Module No.8" - February 1999.

"In the Information Age, factual knowledge is plentiful. What is scarce is the intellectual work of giving value to information, of transforming information into useful knowledge systems. This is the work of communities."

Margaret Riel - Education Consultant.

"Reality Module No.9" - April 1999.

"We have devalued the singular human capacity to see things in all their psychic, emotional and moral dimensions, and we have replaced this with faith in the powers of technical calculation."

Neil Postman. Technopoly. [p.118]

"Reality Module No.13" - December 1999.

"In the times of rapid change, learners inherit the Earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists"

(Eric Hoffer)

"Kingdom of the Bland" - December 1999.

"I'm not convinced that technology is advancing exponentially in all areas. Sure, computer processing power and storage, and some biotech areas. However power generation is still a total mess, with fusion being at least ten years away (the same as it has been for the past 50 years). Computer programming productivity is still a mess (and not nearly as advanced as the hardware). Heavy high orbit and interplanetary launch capacity is lower, civilian aircraft speeds are stagnant, etc."

Eric Lindsay.

[See Exponential Technology and SF.]

"Reality Module No.15" - April 2000.

"The notion that Government can be run as a business is an old and all too common fallacy. It was wrong when Treasurer Theodore said it was wrong in 1931 (just before his government was tipped out of office) and it's wrong now. Too many things that governments have to do cannot be done along business lines because by their very nature they are economically inefficient."

Gerald Smith. Ramblings 13. (ANZAPA 192) December 1999. [p.7.]

"Reality Module No.17" - August 2000.

"The really 'freaky' thing about the future is not that there's going to be an Information Technology Revolution or a Biotechnology Revolution or a Nanotechnology Revolution, or even a Socio-Political Revolution - but that there are going to be all four revolutions - at the same time!"

Michael Green. Reality Module #17. (ANZAPA 196) August 2000. [p.1.]

"Reality Module No.18" - October 2000.

"If you want more than your 15 minutes of fame - you must continue to do interesting things."

Michael Green. Reality Module #18. (ANZAPA 197) October 2000. [p.1.]

"Reality Module No.19" - December 2000.

"We are both programmable and autonomous."

John Davies. Reality Module #19. (ANZAPA 198) December 2000. [p.1.]

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