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(September 2004)

Feedback on 'Freeform Futurology (3) - Smashing WindowsTM - The Ascent of Non-linear Thinking'

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Eric Lindsay (October 2000)
Bill Wright (October 2000)

ERIC LINDSAY writes (October 2000):

I think your description of the Web should read "imagine an enormous library, with all the books on shelves at random. Now imagine that all the covers of the books are blank, and you have to read the start of each book to find what it is about." That is closer to the reality of the web. Regarding files being in only one location, any decent operating system (like Unix) will let you link file1 to directory2 (or pseudofile2), etc., so the same file appears to be in multiple locations and or have multiple names,and be accessed from any of those locations or names. Only toy file systems like MS-DOS don't allow such capabilities.

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BILL WRIGHT writes (October 2000):

Thanks for explaining automatic metadata systems. I think I understand. In four year's time, I just say to"Hey Fred. what did Eugene Fleuglemeyer have to say about cetacean intelligence in 1988?" and my trusty electronic minder will display the information in holographic imagery before my very eyes

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