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(March 2003)

Feedback on 'Democratic Humanism (3) - Know Your Dragon'

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Eric Lindsay (August 1999)
Lucy Schmeidler (August 1999)
Bill Wright (August 1999)
Cath Ortlieb (December 1999)
Margaret Orchard (December 1999)

ERIC LINDSAY writes (August 1999):

Given you are trying to summarise the history of economic thought, I think you did a fine job. Keynes however knew (and said) that you couldn't continue to spend your way out of a recession forever.

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LUCY SCHMEIDLER writes (August 1999):

I am fascinated by both your analysis of the mind and that of economic rationalism. Knowing essentially nothing about economics, I'll try to remember to share your economics analysis with my brother Ernest when next I see him. However, you have already convinced me that people must come ahead of economic efficiency. (I remember my brother recommending a book subtitled something like, "Economics as if People Mattered"; however, I don't offhand know author or title.

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BILL WRIGHT writes (August 1999):

By the way, there is nothing rational about Economic Rationalism. It is a mantra for coping with that which is that works for some. Not many, mind you, but certainly for some.

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CATH ORTLIEB writes (December 1999):

The more I read of your essays on economics, the more I find myself convinced economic rationalism, as it is being implemented here, is a bad system. The hypocrisy of governments that follow it is that the one group that isn't subject to productivity increases, efficiency and down sizing is - you guessed it - the politicians! If the government isn't going to run public services for the community, then we do we need so many politicians and layers of government?

I reply (April 2000):

I have no problem with the number of politicians we have. My only concern is that our politicians have a moral obligation to carry out their jobs to the best of their ability. Running a country is far too important a job to be left in the hands of incompetents, fools, freeloaders, or the morally-bankrupt!

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MARGARET ORCHARD writes (December 1999):

It really looks like the world is "shrinking" and that the people who are in control of the majority of it now want to be in control of all of it in the future. Unfortunately I think that they, eventually, will be.

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