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Dream Magic (January 1995)
An essay about the special abilities you can have in dreams.

Prophets of the Silicon God (December 1997)
Can the human mind really be uploaded into a computer?

Future Imperfect - Part 1 - Gathering the Threads (February 1998)
Ever wonder what happened to that glorious future they were predicting for us all back in the 1970s?

Future Imperfect - Part 2 - Weaving the Tapestry (April 1998)
A deeper look at where society went astray - and at the implications.

Mundane and Metaphor (August 1998)
A personal essay on writing, language and communication.

Invaginated Shadow Mind (October 1998 & December 1998)
Ever wondered what happens to all the things in our minds which we repress?

All the Dead Data (February 1999 & June 1999)
The terrible fragility of digital information.

Democratic Humanism (1) - What Are Genuine Human Needs? (February 1999)
How well are our present political and economic systems helping to provide for people's genuine needs?

Is There Meaning in Dreams? (April 1999)
An essay which considers the function of dreams - and whether they have meaning.

Democratic Humanism (2) (April 1999)
A personal perspective on the problems of poverty and unemployment, and a consideration of possible solutions.

Is There Meaning in Dreams? - An Interlude (June 1999)
A poetic consideration of the nature of the mind.

Democratic Humanism (3) - Know Your Dragon (June 1999)
What is Economic Rationalism?

Is There Meaning in Dreams? (2) - Shards in the Web, or Dig and Delve (August 1999)
A guide to how to interprete dreams - getting at their inner meaning.

The Cult of the New (December 1999)
A look at the historic, social, and psychological roots of our obsession with the new.

Am I Qualified to Write About Sociology? (February 2000)
The importance of sociology.

Democratic Humanism (4) - Maslow Meets the Economic Rationalists (August 2000)
Maslow's Hierarchy of Human Needs and the practices of Economic Rationalism.

The Philosophy of History (October 2000)
History has an unconscious dimension as well as the more familiar dimension of artefacts, people and events.

Egregors, Memes, and Transformation - An Exercise in Speculation (February 2002)
Perhaps the deepest work so far - combining theology (of-a-sort), philosophy, depth psychology, and sociology.

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Evolutions (October 1994)
Amiga versus PC. Included for historical interest only.

SF on TV (December 1994)
Can there ever be any good SF on TV?

TimeTrax (February 1995)
A review of the TV series, and ideas on how it could have been better.

Interfaces - Future Interactions (September 1996)
A look (from 1996) at the future of computer interfaces and software!

The Future of Publishing (December 1997)
A response to something Spider Robinson wrote.

Snippets 1997 (1997)
Compendium of short pieces on a variety of subjects from 1997.

Two Journeys (June 1998)
My inner and outer journeys - a meditation.

Torchlight in a Dark Space (June 1998)
Illuminations on the nature of self. A sort of teaser for the psychology essays which will come later.

A Little Family History (October 1998)
A little insight into my "roots."

Ian Gunn (December 1998)
My response to hearing of the death of Ian Gunn.

Preparing Reality Module (December 1998)
An insight into the mechanics of fanzine production for me in 1998.

Snippets 1998 (1998)
Compendium of short pieces on a variety of subjects from 1998.

Unpredictables (September 1999)
A collection of predictions I made in 1999 about the world of 2010-2015.

Colin Watson (1927-1999) (October 1999)
A reflection on the life and passing of a man I knew and admired.

Old TV Shows - And New (October 1999)
A casual look at some of the TV shows I was watching in 1999.

Generations - A Thought Experiment (December 1999)
How might life have been different for me if I'd been born twenty years earlier?

Snippets 1999 (1999)
Compendium of short pieces on a variety of subjects from 1999.

Freeform Futurology (1) - What Can & Cannot Be Done - The Limits of Futurology (April 2000)
What are the limits on predicting change in the future?

Freeform Futurology (2) - The $20 Computer (April 2000)
A look at the future of the personal computer.

My Aussiecon 3! (April 2000)
A brief description of my experiences at Aussiecon 3.

KEYS: M. Scott Peck - "The Road Less Travelled" (1978) (June 2000)
A valuable insight gained from this book.

Freeform Futurology (3) - Smashing Windows(TM) - The Ascent of Non-linear Thinking (August 2000)
A look at the future of the personal computer.

"Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" by J.K. Rowling (August 2000)
A Ratbag Book Review!

Farscape Considered (October 2000)
A few thoughts about the televison series.

The Type of Fantasy I Like Best (December 2000) - NEW (6/20)
Reflections on fantasy fiction.

Why I Am Not in Mensa (December 2000) - NEW (6/20)
Thoughts on whether it is actually important to be seen as 'smart.'

"If Not Dieting, Then What?" by Dr Rick Kausman (December 2000) - NEW (6/20)
A review of this valuable book.

Snippets 2000 (2000)
Compendium of short pieces on a variety of subjects from 2000.

Freeform Futurology (6) - Artificial Minds? (AI Revisited) (August 2001)
A look at Artificial Intelligence research - and some of the philosophical questions.

Writing in a Time of Shadows (October 2001 & February 2002)
My response to the September 11 bombings, the Tampa refugee fiasco, the 'War against Terror,' and the Israeli/Palestinian crisis. Events of historical significance which need to be discussed now.

Freeform Futurology (7) - Video-On-Demand (June 2002)
A consideration of the coming age of video-on-demand.

Freeform Futurology (8) - Changes (June 2002)
How easy it is to overlook the cumulative effects of very gradual but unending changes.

Freeform Futurology (9) - The Implications of Immortality (June 2002)
A look at the implications of an indefinite human lifespan.

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Creative Works

Dracula's Revenge (1976)
A little horror story I wrote when I was thirteen!

Illusions (1980)
A short meditative fantasy piece.

Door (1985)
A short piece which is more than fantasy.

Figurine (1986)
A fantasy short story which is, at the symbolic level, autobiographical.

Modern Poetry - A Satire (1986)
Short poem.

Escape From A World Too Brightly Spun (1987)
An unusual fantasy/science fiction romance.

Aerial City (1988)
An experimental story which is a fairy tale in the most literal sense of the word.

Darkness (1988)
A short piece about a fairytale princess who does not live in a fairytale.

Journey: Inside to Outside (1989)
A modest poem - about the anatomy of the mind! (There is also a commentary page.)

Shadow Worlds (1990)
A fantasy story written for the Octocon writer's workshop in Ireland with Diane Duane in 1990.

Chooks (1993) - NEW (6/20)
A fun little story written in a writing course.

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Other Stuff

Art Gallery - NEW CONTENT! (6/20)
Cover art from my fanzine - in colour for the first time!

List of Links
Every website should have one!

Quotations - NEW CONTENT! (6/20)
Quotations collected from the pages of "Reality Module." (These are, mostly, from other people.)

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